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Sandra Boer, founder Art Partner

A few years ago a gold envelop was delivered to my house. Inside I found a golden gem pin and a beautiful personal letter. The sincere attention and personal appreciation were truly heartfelt. I often wear it and people always ask about it then.
Many of our businesspartners by now have spread gem pins too, at least a hundred times!
A wonderful gesture of attention and appreciation in business.

Melanie Maas, municipal secretary of Almere

We use the 'You are a gem' pin as a thank you gift for our external guest speakers at our seminars.
The whole design is soooo nice and the pin itself is a real gem!
It is an extraordinary gift that gives the recipient a truly special feeling of appreciation!

Yvonne van Kouwen, KPMG Utrecht

The Inspire network, powered by KPMG, shares a "you are a gem" pin as a token of appreciation for their guest speakers. The aesthetics and the personal design of this little  treasure matches the intrinsic goal of our Inspire network.

Marian Janssen, entrepeneur

Recently I received a very special gift. A little box containing a pebble shaped gold pin and a complimentary card with such a dear text on it.
My heart jumped and gave my day a silver lining, I love wearing it and do so often. It makes me feel cared for. The generous giver holds a place in my heart!

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